Permanent VS Freelance Job Roles

Permanent VS Freelance Job Roles


With both freelance and permanent roles rising into the future, what should a professional look for? Which is better for your career – freelancing or permanent employment?

Being in a full-time job or a freelancer has many advantages and before deciding which one is the best for you, take a look at our pros for each option below…


Pros of Permanent Roles

Fixed salary

Having a full-time job means having a monthly salary and a stable income to support you or your family. What’s more, a fixed salary gives you the opportunity to plan/save for any unforeseen circumstances that may happen in the future.


As much as working alone can be peaceful, there will be some times when you will be needing a team, to brainstorm together or to ask for an opinion. This is certainly the case with permanent job roles as in many cases they provide you with a professional support system to rely on.

Career growth

A full-time job offers career growth, you can always learn from people’s experiences, and the more you spend at a company the more you’ll learn.

Social life

Some freelance jobs can restrict individuals from devoting more time to their social life as they take on more work. What’s more, commuting to and from clients takes a lot of time and then spending between 4-8 hours at your desk can leave you exhausted to do any other activities.

Company benefits

Some full-time jobs can offer many benefits like private medical care, life assurance, gym memberships or discounts on retail outlets, but freelancing doesn’t offer any of that. Also, as a full-time employee, your days off will be paid since you’re allowed certain days to take as a holiday; freelancing won’t pay for your time off, and it will affect your money.


Pros of Freelance Roles

You can work anywhere

Being a freelancer doesn’t force you to be committed to a certain place of work. Some people tend to work better from home, which is possible when you’re a freelancer.

No fixed hours

One of the advantages of being a freelancer is that you don’t have specific office hours, you can work at any time you want. You know your work and your deadline, meaning you get to finish it whenever.

No fixed annual leave

If you’re a freelancer, you’re allowed to take annual leave at any time, you’re not committed to a schedule and you don’t have to ask for permission.


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