How To Create A Great Market Research CV

How To Create A Great Market Research CV


Market Research encompasses a wide range of roles, and you’ll need to demonstrate your specific skills successfully in order to make your CV stand out to a potential employer.

Portraying your skills is essential during the recruitment process, as it gives employers the opportunity to short-list candidates based on skills needed and how talent will fit into their company culture.

Find out how you can create the perfect market research CV to secure the best job role.


Separate Your Skills Into Categories 

Making your CV easy to digest at a quick glance is important, so you’ll want to separate your skills into categories. Cover all the key categories related to qualitative and quantitative by showcasing examples and relevant experience. These key areas and subsequent skills are:

  • Numeracy and analysis

  • Communications disciplines

  • Innovation and development


Employers like to see results so don’t be afraid to include statistics within your task descriptions.


Highlight Transferable Skills

Many market research skills are transferable. For instance, you may have been involved with organising and collecting data or had responsibility for communicating with teams across departments during previous job roles. 

These skills can be easily transferred into your market research role, think about how your skills can influence the company you’re working for and how they help to keep the business running.


Research Tools

Market research is a broad term it can include NPD, U&A, innovation, customer journeys, any analytical techniques, software packages such as SPSS, STATA, R, Python and more.

Not to mention your qualitative toolkit which can range from moderating focus groups and in-depth interviews, co-creation workshops, shop-alongs, online communities and diaries. You need to gain an understanding of technologies to communicate better with clients and colleagues. 

Even if you haven’t been involved with a job yet which uses market research tools, it’s important you can show that you’ve immersed yourself in research in your spare time. Perhaps include a link on your CV which leads to a workshop; this will really show your ideas and enthusiasm.

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