How To Cope With Multiple Interviews

How To Cope With Multiple Interviews


Job searching can be a stressful and daunting task, with endless application forms, interviews and meeting new people. However, job searching can also be one of the most creative and exciting times in your working life. If you’re lucky enough to receive multiple job offers, it can feel overwhelming as you try to make the best decision.

Here at Naden Blair, we’ve put together 5 helpful steps about how to handle multiple interviews and overall top tips for when you get multiple employment offers.


Stay organised


It’s vital you stay organised and manage your interviews in one document or calendar, so all the details are easy to locate and to make sure you don't double book. You can use a spreadsheet, calendar app or word document. Include the following specifics:

  • Date and time of interviews
  • Company
  • Locations
  • Employers name and contact information
  • Important notes to remember, like “book train tickets” or “bring cash for the parking machine”


Prepare for each interview separately


Although preparing for interviews can be a time-consuming task, it’s important it’s done right. Try to prepare for each interview separately; research each company, write notes, prepare additional questions relating to each job vacancy, compare the pros and cons, etc.


Ask questions


Job interviews are the perfect opportunity for candidates to get an insight into the job role, company culture and career development prospects. Your aim is the leave the interview with as many details as possible to help to envision what your job would be like.

Make sure you ask about daily responsibilities, who your direct supervisor would be and what management styles are in place. This will give you an understanding of what your day-to-day duties and expectations will be and allow you to consider if their style fits your ideal.


You also might want to know what type of opportunities exist for continued education and career development. Here is a list of additional questions to consider:

  • "What does a normal workday look like?"
  • "How has your company's culture changed over the years?"
  • "What types of support systems are in place for employees?"
  • “What type of career progression opportunities do you offer?”
  • “How does your company mission of XYZ play out in the workplace?”


Request for additional time to make your decision


Don’t run the risk of losing out on a great opportunity by accepting an offer before you’ve had all your interviews. If a company offers you a position, express your gratitude and interest without making a commitment. Request time to think about the offer by asking for a specific number of weeks, depending on when your next interviews are.


Make a list of pros and cons


If you have multiple job offers and you’re finding it difficult to decide, try carefully making a pros and cons list. Compare all the details (even little ones) to help you make a final decision. Look at the following components of each job:

  • Salary
  • Benefits such as private healthcare
  • Work/lifebalance
  • Company values and mission
  • Company culture and work environment
  • Commute
  • Opportunities for growth


Overall tips:

  • Schedule your interviews close together, so you’re not waiting around for a response from your different potential employers.
  • You don't need to mention you have other interviews or job offers during your interviews, but it can help to speed the process along if they know.
  • Make sure you have an official job offer before resigning from your job
  • Only accept an offer you intend to take.


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