Top Market Research Trends We’re Expecting To See In 2023

Top Market Research Trends We’re Expecting To See In 2023


Are you excited about what 2023 has in store? The market research industry is expanding with new technology, greater advancements and powerful automation.

Here are the top 4 market research trends to look out for in the new year!


1. Holistic research platforms

Holistic research means the survey design, programming, sampling, data collection, analysis, and reporting processes are all built into end-to-end platforms that can seamlessly handle the full scope of research needs. This creates a ‘self-serve’ platform for individuals who want to have a range of research tools at their fingertips.

A holistic platform can save huge amounts of time and money, but also make internal decision-making smoother and more efficient. This can help teams build research projects and complete tasks much quicker than ever before, by understanding how their own findings can affect their wider operation and team. As a result, it provides people with a more connected way of thinking and collaborating, for a broader view of how separate teams fit together in the big picture.


2. Speed and automation

Speed is becoming of great importance in the market research industry, people want to beat their competitors to market and find insights quickly. Surveys that once took weeks to complete can now be wrapped up in a matter of days. Beyond the technological advancements of a survey itself, there will be more and more platforms to create a central place for research findings that make navigating findings a simple process.

Automation will allow researchers to take a break from creating manual processes and let computer software do all the heavy lifting. Machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities bring a higher level of sophistication to consumer insights, and automation is more versatile than ever.


3. Agile insights

Agile insights are another way in which research is set to become faster and more efficient in the years to come. They take findings from one piece of research (or another source of information around consumer behaviour) and feed them directly into another piece of research for a greater understanding of a topic.

Agile research allows researchers to keep up with the fast pace nature of the market research industry. It provides teams with consumer insights that accurately match today’s developments.


4. Social listening

Consumer attitudes are now on display for anyone to see in real time. Social listening monitors and analyses attitudes and opinions, which can give businesses insights to leverage emerging trends, hone their messaging and satisfy consumer needs.

Social listening is a great way to meet consumers, see how consumers interact with content, provide feedback on products or brands, and start conversations with friends. Brands can conduct social media listening research by using tools such as brand and category mentions, hashtags, and category trends. 


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