5 Ways to Know It’s the Right Company for you When Applying for your Next Job Role

5 Ways to Know It’s the Right Company for you When Applying for your Next Job Role


Have you ever applied for a job and felt unsure about it after? Have you applied for a job role knowing the company's values didn’t match your own? Have you been in an unsatisfying job role with no career prospects?


Most of us have felt that sinking feeling when we’ve made a bad decision at some point in our career. Although at the time it might feel great, being in the wrong company can have a hugely detrimental effect on not only your career development but also your mental and physical health.


But is there a surefire way to know that a new company, a new team, and a new job are the right fit for you before you accept an offer?

Here are a few questions you should consider before accepting a new job.


Do you share a purpose with the company?

As you spend a good portion of your life investing your time and energy into your work, it’s important you share the same purpose with your company. If you don’t connect with the purpose of your organisation, then it could lead to job dissatisfaction, stress, anxiety and decreased productivity levels. When you’re considering a job, ask yourself if you care about the impact that organisation is making in the world.


Is the culture right for you?

A lot of companies like to talk about their great culture, but talking about an awesome culture doesn’t mean much unless they practice their core values in everyday work. So, before you accept a job, make sure you thoroughly understand the culture you’re walking into and how they will ensure this is applied in your job role.


Does it fit with your future goals?

You may think that your job is separate from the rest of your life, however, when you’re considering a new job it’s important to see how it may impact your life. Will it affect your relationships or health? Will it change your daily schedule? If you’re accustomed to having dinner with your family, picking your kids up from school, or having an easy and stress-free commute, and the new job creates a change, those need to be important factors in your decision.


Why do you want to work there?

Finding a new job isn’t a necessity but instead, it’s a desire, so it’s always good to slow down and think about why you want to work for a new company. Are you wanting to get away from your current company? Are you looking for bigger prospects? Are you going to be able to spend more time doing work you love? All of these are important questions to ask before accepting a new job.


Do you want to follow the leader?

Before you accept a new job, do some research on the leaders of the company - ask yourself if they are people you would choose to follow? These are the people who will be giving out your tasks so if you're unsure about where they’re leading you, it’d be wise to look for work elsewhere.


Knowing for certain that a company will be the perfect fit for you can be tricky. However, part of looking for a new job is being willing, to be honest with yourself and your goals in life. Be tough with yourself. Ask these questions, and hopefully, you’ll land your perfect job.

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